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Hanger Black

The portable dryer for shoes and gloves

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The easiest way to store and dry your shoes, gloves and mittens. In addition you get the worlds best drying technology.

  • Up to 5 times faster than similar dryers. Drying time for a soaking wet shoe is less than 30 min with our patented turbine technology.
  • Capacity is 4 pairs of gloves or shoes at a time.
  • Silent mode for use in open areas. Tornado mode for super fast drying.
  • Adjustable heat (37°, 45°, 60° degrees) with heat settings for leather and sensitive materials.
  • 10 hour timer. The powerful fan can also be used to heat up a room.
  • Fire safe ceramic heating element
  • Module based, you can add other adapters such as Octopus and Wall to the same fan unit.
  • Sustainability. This is a quality product with 2 years warranty and the ability purchase spare parts.
  • Elegant Scandinavian Design.



Watt 650
Airflow (m3/h)
Speed (rpm)
Pressure (Pa) 300



Height (cm) 80,00
Extended height (cm) 80,00
Width (cm) 36,00
Depth (cm) 16,00
Weight (kg) 1,75


Hedgehog Dryer
Existing dryers
Power (Watt)
650 – 750 W
200 – 350W
100 m3
30-60 m3
Drying time (max speed)
15 min
90 min
Drying Capacity, pairs
2 – 12 pairs
1 – 2 pairs
Fire safety heating element
Silent mode
Adjustable heat
Module based
Sustainable with spare parts
10 hours
2-3 hours