Loved by Daycares and schoolsDrys shoes and mittens in 20 minutes

Developed in Hemsedal

Hedgehog has been developed in Hemsedal together with engineers from the hydropower laboratory at NTNU. What is unique is that it blows air at high pressure into the shoe or mitten so that the moisture is pushed out. The children hang up the mittens and shoes themselves, and the staff switch it on. In addition, you save time and energy compared to drying cabinets and drying rooms.It also has a fireproof ceramic heating element, adjustable heat, adjustable airflow with quiet and tornado mode that dries most things in 20 minutes.


Let the children do it themselves

The kids love hanging up their shoes and mittens, and the control panel is on top so the adults have to turn it on.

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What suits your nursery?

The most popular solutions for nurseries Wall that quickly dries shoes, mittens and gloves. Wall is mounted on the wall, hence the name :) It comes with space for 4 pairs of shoes or mittens as standard and can be extended to 6 or 8 pairs with still high effect.

Furthermore, many people use Octopus for quick drying of boots and larger footwear. It is also mounted on the wall.

Outdoor nurseries also use hangers that they bring with them in Lavvo so that the children have dry mittens during lunch. All dryers require electricity.

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Für Kindergärten gemacht

"Finally we have found a dryer that works in the nursery. We had tried many different solutions to try to dry the mittens for brana, and now we can go in and eat fruit and have dry mittens to put on when we go out again ."

Tonje, Røyseplassen Kindergarten, Drammen

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